Post date: Sat, 2020-02-15 18:24
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On Wed 22nd January a meeting was held between Harrogate Spring Water, Harrogate Rotary and Pinewoods Conservation Group to discuss the Rotary Wood planning application and to discuss concerns. A copy of the notes from the meeting is now available to download as below.

A thank you to Harrogate Civics Society for offering to take the notes.

Post date: Sat, 2020-01-18 08:26
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Charity disputes claims on quality of trees as part of planning dispute.

Harrogate based conservation charity Pinewoods Conservation Group (PCG) has disputed claims that Rotary Wood is not a successful woodland that has been supported by a leading horticultural expert. Rotary Wood is currently under threat by Harrogate Spring Water Limited (HSWL) who plan to extend their current bottling plant into wood destroying up to 4 acres of woodland.

Post date: Sun, 2020-01-12 10:38
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We know our campaign to protect Rotary Wood is generating lots of questions so we've tried to address them here. If there are any further questions then please let us know via email or social media. Our main priorities are to ensure this issue is debated and that any actions are carried out in an open and transparent way.

Q1: Have you raised with your MP and what is their view? A1: Yes, we wrote on 3rd January and await reply. Mr Jones was involved in the original planting.

Post date: Thu, 2020-01-02 14:47
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We are seeking to challenge development of around 4 acres of the Pinewoods to allow for expansion of Harrogate Spring Water. The planned development on an area known locally as Rotary (or Centenary) Wood will see the plastic bottling plant double in size. See for more details.

Post date: Sat, 2019-11-16 18:48
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Site Overview (via Tim Cook Harrogate Informer)

***Updated Dec 2019 *** Image of plans now received and available as below.

*** Updated Nov 2019 ***

A recent consultation event took place on 8th Nov with revised plans. We have formally asked for copies of these plans for sharing with members. A full update will be shared on receipt.


Outline application for the extension to existing bottling facility by Harrogate Spa Water Limited on Harlow Moor Road Harrogate North Yorkshire HG2 0QB

This page summarises the main plans and current questions we have. The page will be updated as and when more information is made available but please share your thoughts.

Post date: Fri, 2019-07-26 15:28
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An Exciting Summer Project to Encourage New Visitors to The Pinewoods

Harrogate based charity Pinewoods Conservation Group (PCG) has launched another exciting new summer project to encourage residents to explore the Pinewoods. Following on from the recent success of “Pinewoods Rocks” and “Pinewoods Doors” an online game has been devised with local social enterprise Questr.

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