Cycling Provision Around The Pinewoods

Although there are no dedicated cycle routes within the Pinewoods we know it is a popular short cut and route for cyclists, especially families with small children on bikes. As such The Pinewoods Conservation Group is looking to ensure any planned cycle routes take account of visitors to the Pinewoods and all users cooperate together.


We are looking at some courtesy signs on the main footpath similar to those used by Sustrans on National Cycleways. These are planned to be installed when the main footpath from Harlow Moor Road to the recreation ground is resurfaced, hopefully September 2015. An example is attached below.

Cycle Paths on Harlow Moor Road

As part of the two developments currently being undertaken by Linden Homes and Miller Homes the existing footway on Harlow Moor Road is being converted to a shared footway/cycleway. According to North Yorkshire County Council this is due for completion in 2015.

Cycle Paths on Otley Road (from RHS Harlow Carr to Harlow Moor Road)

A commuted sum of £35k was received from RHS Harlow Carr under a Section 106 towards the provision of a cycleway between Crag Lane and Valley Gardens. There is also a commitment from Taylor Wimpey to pay a contribution of £30k towards the provision of a cycleway between Crag Lane and Harlow Moor Road. (Taylor Wimpey have a planning permission to develop at the southern end of Crag Lane adjacent to The Pinewoods and this money would be paid prior to first occupation of dwellings.)

As part of the recently approved Bluecoat Park development, an off-road cycleway will be provided along Otley Road between the development site and Harlow Moor Road.

North Yorkshire County Council have confirmed they do not yet have plans or timescales for the expenditure of this money. Input on this is planned via Harrogate Cycle Forum.


The Pinewoods "Tour De France" Decorated Bike

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