Resurfacing of Memorial Path - 2015

The original memorial path was installed in 2004 and was part tarmac and part cinder path. It ran from Harlow Moor Road to Crag Lane. Over time the cinder part became warn with the timber edges rotting and water running from the recreation field eroding the cinder. This made the path unusable to those in wheelchairs and difficult for those with buggies and walking difficulties.

During 2015 it was agreed to resurface the warm part of the path from the recreation ground to Harlow Moor Road. Funding raising was increased to raise the £25k needed to make the improvements. Late 2015 the funding was agreed and after a quote process a supplier, Duffields, appointed and work began mid-November completing early December.

A formal opening is planned for Sat 26th March but don’t wait until then to visit. Some photos of the works can be seen here.

Where did the funds come from?

Funds were from generated our various fund raising and grant applications. These included Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd, The Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation and a £1,000 donation from Linden Homes. PCG fundraising also contributed.


Why tarmac?

There were a number of reasons. These included:

  • Low cost of maintenance. With limited funds the new path needed to be guaranteed to last. With water draining from the field and stone based solution would be washed away.
  • Access for All. The new solution needed to be suitable for wheelchair usage. Working with one of our wheelchair members the previous finish was found to have been unsuitable – especially in poor weather.
  • Matching Current Path: The solution also matched the remainder of the path from the field to Crag Lane.


Won’t the path flood?

The surface is designed to drain away to the ground each side of the path. There are a number of ditches and drainage within the woods that are kept clear by volunteers.


We hope you enjoy the new path!

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