Woodland Walk - 7th July to 16th Sept

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Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 09:00
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Following on from the recent success of “Pinewoods Rocks” that saw 100s of painted rocks being placed in the Pinewoods we are pleased to confirm our next project. Starting from 8th July a number of decorated miniature doors will appear within the woods along 2 routes. These doors, decorated by volunteers, local schools and youth groups will form a mystical walk for the summer period.

There will also be an opportunity for more doors to be decorated and added to the route. Doors are available for the locations below for a small donation.

- Costa Coffee on Cardale Park, off Otley Road. (back of the Pine Marten). Open 7.30am to 4pm Mon to Fri.
- The Shepherds Dog, on Otley Road Harlow Hill. Open 12pm to 12am.
- The Little Ale House, 7 Cheltenham Crescent. Open 2pm to 9pm (ish) Mon to Fri, Sat 12pm to 10pm and Sun 1pm to 7pm.

Note: Please have change where possible - £2 per door is suggested – and avoid busy times. i.e. lunchtimes and early evenings as appropriate.

Once doors have been decorated then feel free to add them to the routes as below. Any doors felt to be unsuitable or not on the defined route could be removed. All doors will be removed on or around 16th Sept when the project will close.

We suspect the doors will quickly be habited by a selection of fairies, elves and other mystical creatures. If you would like to leave them a message there is a special post box door to ensure prompt delivery!

The routes are:

- Red Route: Approx. 1km and buggy and wheel chair friendly. A circular route from the war memorial to Harlow Moor Road and then back to the war memorial.
- Blue Route: Approx. 2km with some rougher paths. A circular route from the war memorial to Harlow Moor Road, over the road to Rotary Wood and Irongate Field (perfect for a picnic) before returning to the war memorial.

Car parking if needed is available for both routes on Harlow Moor Road in the layby near Harrogate Spring Water.

A downloadable map is available below.

Enjoy and share your photos via https://www.facebook.com/groups/PinewoodsRocks/

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