Reporting Anti Social Behaviour

Fri, 2021-05-28 10:59 -- admin

Although anti-social behaviour in The Pinewoods is rare and caused by a minority it is important that issues are reported formally.
This will allow authorities to identify any increases in issues and direct any resources needed to intervene as appropriate.

We are therefore asking members and visitors to report any occurrences of:

• vandalism
• possible criminal damage
• evidence of drug taking
• location of fires
• large areas of litter

If the incident is in progress this should be reported via 101 or online to North Yorkshire Police. If this is a historic then it should be reported to Harrogate Council via 01423 500600 or

Reporting the exact location is important so we recommend the use of What 3 Words ( or a similar location marking application.

We will continue to work with all authorities on sharing information and intelligence to ensure we keep The Pinewoods a safe & maintained environment for all our visitors.

Note: If there is a serious issue that could result in physical harm or severe damage then this should be reported via 999 immediately.

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