Draft Pinewoods Management Plan - 2017 to 2027

Mon, 2017-03-13 08:59 -- admin

The new draft management plan for the Pinewoods is now available to review. Please contact us if you have any comments.

The management plan supersedes the woodland management plan for 2006-2016.  Some elements of that management plan were not completed due to resources, so the sequence of compartments has been adjusted to reflect where the priorities should now lie.  Pages 5-14 of this document set out the proposals in terms of the management of the woodland over a 10-year period.  They contain:

  • Site Plans 1 & 2: Showing the woodland as is and as broken up in to 10 woodland compartments
  • Table 1: 10-year Woodland Management Proposals
  • Table 2: Site Infrastructure & Proposed Management

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