Members Offer: 10% Discount from Blue Coat Farm

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We are delighted to be able to bring to you this special offer from Blue Coat Farm near Beckwithshaw, for their fabulous lamb and beef. A number of Committee Members get their meat from them and have done for a while so we have worked with them to make our Members aware of what they offer as well. The following from Blue Coat Farm will give you a bit more information. Just mention PCG when you contact them to get your 10% discount. 

Blue Coat Farm Beef & Lamb
Our cows and sheep are traditionally reared on our family farm just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire. We have been selling our produce directly to the public since 2005. Cutting out the middleman allows us to provide a quality product at good prices and gives us closer contact with our customers. The welfare of our animals and the quality of our produce is very important to us. 

We have a mixture of native breed cross cows including Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and White Park. These are put to the Hereford bull to give a traditional, well marbled beef with excellent eating qualities. We have chosen to use native breed cattle as they are more suited to our non-intensive, species rich grassland.

Alongside our beef herd we run a flock of Texel cross ewes which are put to the Shropshire ram to improve the eating quality of our lamb.
Our livestock are taken to John Penny and Sons, a local abattoir in Rawden, to minimize stress during travelling. The beef is matured for a minimum of three weeks and the lamb for a minimum of a week to improve flavour and texture. Our experienced and highly professional local butcher then prepares the meat and packs it for us ready to deliver. 

Our 10kg box of beef costs £80. We sell half a lamb at £3.60 per lb (£7.92 per kilo). We find this a fairer way of selling lamb than a set box price. Depending on the size of the lamb the boxes vary in price between £60 and £80. 

Our beef and lamb cuts are individually packed and labelled, ready for the freezer and the boxes fit into a standard fridge freezer drawer.
Please see our website for a full list of cuts or contact us if you need any further information.

Our next delivery is mid January 2014.

Please mention PCG to obtain 10% discount off your first order.

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