Pinewoods in Paint

Sun, 2015-05-10 12:59 -- contenteditor

At the preview evening for their Spring Exhibition the Harrogate & Nidderdale Art Club awarded a number of prizes including one for the best painting of The Pinewoods, Harrogate. The competition, run in association with the Pinewoods Conservation Group (PCG), encouraged Art Club members to visit the Pinewoods and submit paintings.

The paintings were judged by PCG committee members, including the Mayor of Harrogate Jim Clark, who went on to award the prize. The winner was Harrogate based artist Helen Cassidy, with her painting of the bridleway gate off Crag Lane. 

PCG Committee Member Carolyn Rothwell, who is also a member of the art club, said:

“Seeing the wonderful paintings and drawings of the Pinewoods on display at the exhibition was inspiring for the PCG Committee. Each artist had interpreted the Pinewoods in their own and very different ways, and picking a winner was a difficult task made after much discussion. The judges decided that Helen Cassidy’s painting drew us in to the woods and encapsulated the atmosphere of the Pinewoods”

The Pinewoods paintings will be on display at Harrogate Library from 11-26th May, and copies of the winning painting will be made into cards that will be for sale at the PCG Open Day on Saturday 12th Sept.

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