Updated - Pinewoods Applies to be “Asset of Community Value”

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Pinewoods Conservation Group Seeks Additional Protection for the Pinewoods & Surrounding Areas

Updated 8th March 2015: We are pleased to confirm that The Pinewoods has been formerly added to the Harrogate Counil register as an Asset of Community Value. The additional 3 applications for surrounding land were all rejected.

The Pinewoods Conservation Group (PCG) has taken the unprecedented step of applying to register the Pinewoods and a number of other local sites as “Assets of Community Value”. This little used regulation, part of the Localism Act 2011, allow for community groups to register land or property. The act gives communities more opportunity to take control of the assets and facilities if they come up for sale.

As well as registering the 96 acres making up the Pinewoods the PCG have also applied to register the Harrogate Borough Council Nurseries on Nursery Lane East and two pieces of land owned by Yorkshire Water, one on Nursery Lane and the other on Otley Road.

These 4 applications by the PCG will double the number of applications made within the region since the regulations were implemented.

Chair of the PCG Neil Hind commented:

“Without an agreed housing plan there will be increased activity by builders and landowners to continue to develop on land around the Pinewoods. We have already seen an opportunistic application by Kelda Group, owners of Yorkshire Water, on one of the pieces of land that met with huge public resistance.”

He added:

“We are also aware of an asset review that is being carried out by Harrogate Council on their land that includes the council nurseries adjoining the Pinewoods. As such it makes sense to take these steps to protect these undeveloped areas and allow the community to become more involved in any future development decisions.”

The PCG also encourages other local charities and community groups to review the legislation and take similar steps if they feel it necessary. For guidance and support visit the “My Community Rights” website at http://mycommunityrights.org.uk or locally contact Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service (HARCVS) via www.harcvs.org.uk.

Details on progress of these applications will be published via www.pinewoodsconservationgroup.org.uk as they progress. A decision on their acceptance is expected within a few weeks with an update being given at the PCGs Annual General Meeting on Thu 5th March from 7pm at the Green Hut on Harlow Avenue.


Editors Notes

  • More details of the Harrogate Council information on the legislation can be found at http://www.harrogate.gov.uk/cpi/Pages/Assets-of-Community-Value.aspx
  • To date 3 assets have been registered successfully (Darley Village Store and Post Office, The Crown Inn Public House, The Yorkshire Lass) and 1 unsuccessfully (Bay Horse Public House) in Harrogate Borough.

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