Pinewoods Winter Update

Sat, 2015-12-19 13:47 -- admin

Welcome to the latest news from Pinewoods Conservation Group. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and supporters for your help and assistance during 2015. It is only with this support that we can continue to maintain and improve the Pinewoods.

Footpath Open!

After a slight weather induced delay the refurbished footpath from Harlow Moor Road to the Recreation Field is now open. The path has been re-edged and resurfaced at a cost of £25,000. Funds were from generated our various fund raising and grant applications including £15,000 from WREN plus £1,000 from Linden Homes. The path is now back to being wheelchair and buggy friendly.

A formal opening is planned for Sat 26th March but don’t wait until then to visit. Some photos of the works can be seen here.

Summary of 2015

2015 was another busy year for the group with membership increasing to well over 150 and new committee members. Some highlights included:

  • Scarecrow Competition: We had some great entries from local schools, businesses and other groups as part of the wider Team Harrogate events. The winner being a “scary crow” from Harrogate Ladies College. Photos of all scarecrows can be found here.
  • Various Events: This year saw our second Easter egg hunt, our regular annual open day in September and for the first time a very well attended Halloween Walk in the wood. Not only are these events good for raising urgently needed funds but they also encourage visitors and residents to come and explore the woods. Details of 2016 events below.
  • Balsam Removal: Funds have been invested in professional reduction of balsam within the woods. Using resources from local charity Open Country and a private company a 3 year plan has been devised to look at permanently reducing balsam within the woods.
  • Irongate Field: Further planting has been undertaken on Irongate Field and a Bug Magnifier added. The field is definitely a “work in progress” but with the late warmth flowers were still looking good late October!
  • Bluebells!: We are very excited to see how many of the 3000 native bluebell bulbs planted this year make an appearance next Spring. Over 30 people came to help that plan that meant we were finished in just over 1 hour.

Plans for 2016

Plans have already been agreed for 2016 with a new structure being implemented for the committee. Details can be found here but we have a number of vacancies and opportunities if people would like to get more involved. Please contact us for details.

Key activities for 2016 include

  • Addition of Wildflowers: 2000 native wildflowers have been ordered from Harrogate Council nurseries to be planted in areas where balsam has been removed. This will help improve bio-diversity within the woods. Watch out for the planting days being advertised in spring 2016.
  • Refurbishment of viewpoint: The popular and well used binocular station is now looking very worn. As such plans are in place to replace the rotten wooden platform with a longer lasting solution in early 2016.

2016 Events

Some dates for the diary – our planned 2016 events schedule as below.

  • Sat 5th March: “Clean for the Queen” litter pick
  • Thu 10th March: Annual General Meeting
  • Sat 26th March: Path & Viewpoint Opening (with Easter Egg trail)
  • Sat 25th June: Teddy Bears Picnic at Irongate Field
  • Sat 10th Sept: Pinewoods Open Day
  • Sat 29th October: Halloween Walk

There will also be a number of maintenance and planting events being added for Spring and Summer where additional helpers will be appreciated.

Horticap are planning to work monthly on Irongate field with any help appreciated. Potential dates are as below - the 1st Thursday of month - which coincide with a number of school holidays. Timings to be confirmed.

  • Thu 7th April
  • Thu 5th May
  • Thu 2nd June
  • Thu 7th July
  • Thu 4th August
  • Thu 1st Sept
  • Thu 6th October

All events are subject to postponement & cancellation so please check the web site for latest details.

Keep in Touch

If you don’t already then you can keep in touch with developments via Facebook or Twitter as well as our main web site at It is only with the support of volunteers that we can undertake the projects and events so please do get involved where you can. All help is always appreciated.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!

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